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KSA Papers: 6.22-6.29, 2019

Iranian Air Forces renew their pledge of allegiance with Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. 2017,

UN Report on the Death of Jamal Khashoggi

“What is always happens is that the hostile media has its material ready and its agenda set, as in the case of the report of the UN Rapporteur on Wednesday. The report was heralded by Qatar’s Al-Jazeera Qatar and hostile Turkish media channels, with the European Union ready to present its hostile material as if it were a court indictment. This petition is not subject to Saudi investigation and refutation, and this is a right that our country upholds and refuses give up.” – Dr. Abdulaziz al-Jarallah, Al-Jazirah, 6.22.2019


“President Trump’s statement on the drone that “it would have been very different if the plane downed by Iran had been carrying passengers,” was – in my opinion – the truest thing Trump has said since he took the presidency. He knows that Iran will not take a step toward compromise and will continue to beg for American military intervention. This is not sue to their courage, but a political gamble of hoping to oust Trump and his hawks at the next US election by implicating them in a futile act. ” – Faisal Assaf, Al-Hayat, 6.23.2019 “He kept trying to find excuses for Iran. This may mean that he wants to deal with them as he did his dearly beloved friend the leader of North Korea. The bottom line is that Trump’s interest is his own interest, and means that he will not enter a war before the next elections. Therefore we should not be surprised if he tweets or announces that Ali Khameini has become his friend and a close one, too! Let us wait for the developments of the coming period.”- Ahmed al-Farraj, Al-Jazirah, 6.29.2019

Deal of the Century and the Manama Conference

“Since Camp David, every action relating to the Palestinian issue has faced absolute opposition, along with accusations of betrayal, from the Arab street. They were raised on a monolithic view of Israel and the Palestinian cause, as a religious dispute rooted in politics – this prevented them from focusing on mutual interest and feasibility.” – Yahya al-Amir, Okaz, 6.29.2019

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