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My dissertation project marshals a host of in-country fieldwork and original quantitative data to both explain the motivations behind rulers’ pursuit of redistributive policy changes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to gauge the ability of these policy changes to ward off social mobilization from below. While my research offers insights into the dramatic policy announcements in Saudi Arabia over the past few years, I seek to place these latest claims to change within the historical context of rulers’ appeals to different social constituencies.

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Working Papers & Ongoing Projects

  • "The Reformer's Dilemma: Authoritarian Redistribution as Coalition-Building"

  • "Intervening Variables: Race & Ethnicity in US Public Opinion Towards the Use of Force Abroad" (with Naima Green)

  • "Foreign Influence and Elite Cues in Social Media Mobilization: Evidence from Lebanon" (with Melani Cammett and Alexei Abrahams)

  • "Framing and Fundamentals in Authoritarian Policy Evaluation: Evidence from Saudi Arabia" (with Jonas Draege)

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