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Short Stories & Poetry


  • "Surda, Surda! Ramallah, Ramallah!," by Khaled Hourani, in The Book of Ramallah, ed. Maya Abu Al-Hayat (Comma Press, 2021)

  • "The Key," by Anwar Hamed in Palestine +100, ed. Basma Ghalayini (Comma Press, 2019)

  • "The Other Balcony," by Nahla Karam in The Book of Cairo, ed. Raphael Cormack (Comma Press, 2019)

  • "The Worker," by Diaa Jubaili in Iraq +100, ed. Hassan Blasim (Comma Press, 2018)

  • "Atef Abu Saif: We’re OK in Gaza," by Atef Abu Saif, Guernica​ (August 2014)

  • "In Gaza We Are Not Okay," by Najla Ataallah, AGNI Online (July 2014)

  • "Tomorrow the war ends: diary of a writer in Gaza City," by Najla Ataallah, The New Statesman (July 2014)


  • Saoud al-Sanousi on Kuwaiti Literature

    • Part 1 - "Saoud al-Sanousi on What ‘Bamboo Stalk’ Is Really About," ArabLit (September 2016)​

    • Part 2 - "Saoud al-Sanousi on Why José Rizal Inspired Him," ArabLit (September 2016)

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