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KSA: June 8-14, 2019

Saudi Papers in Translation

Key topics:

  1. Qatar and HBJ Interview with the Telegraph

  2. U.S. media reports on Saudi missile development

  3. Potential for confrontation with Iran

Qatar and HBJ

  1. “In the midst of Qatar’s two-year-old celebrations of its “glorious achievements”… what really matters to its neighbors is that they have achieved a large part of their objectives of boycotting them – they have eliminated [Qatar’s] absurd interference in their internal affairs…” – Salman Al-Dossary, Al-Sharq al-Awsat, 6/8/2019

  2. “There are attempts to re-cast the disastrous so-called “Arab Spring,” and to use the same words that thrown about in 2011 and beyond… the clearest example of what the Qatari media, especially Al-Jazeera, are up to in terms of lies and fabrications… [Whereas] Saudi Arabia… supports the stability of Libya and Sudan and looks after the interests of the Arab peoples.” – Abdullah al-Otaibi, Al-Sharq al-Awsat, 6/9/2019

  3. “The reason for the anger of this Qatari billionaire… is that Saudi Arabia has had to chose between his group in Qatar and having a “normal relationship” with the GCC (with the exception of Oman, and Kuwait to some extent). The UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain have real problems with Qatar regardless of the Saudi position…” – Mashari al-Thayidi, Al-Sharq al-Awsat, 6/10/2019

Saudi Missile Development

  1. “Saudi Arabia is a sovereign state and has the right to develop any power generation project that supports its development plans, and any program to reinforce its defensive capabilities in an unstable region – so long as these programs do not contradict its obligations in international treaties signed!” – Khalid al-Suliman, Okaz, 6/9/2019

  2. “Given the above, it can be said that Iran is mainly responsible for the arms race in the region. Saudi Arabia has decided to participate in full – in cooperation with China this time, after the “bias” of the American Democrats has disrupted the supply of Saudi Arabia’s needs in projecting deterrence in the face of Iran’s barbarity.” – Faisal Assaf, Al-Hayat, 6/9/2019


  1. “We all do not want war, yet all of us here in the Arab Gulf region must curb the recklessness of the Iranian regime and the insane projects it inflicts on us both near and far.” – Hamoud Abu Talib, Okaz, 6/12/2019

  2. “Striking the Iranian regime is a “necessary evil,” for reasons new and old. The behavior of a regime that continues to harm others cannot simply be corrected through sanctions and containment alone. Military action is a just and decisive solution to stop it from harming its neighbors, whether for twenty or forty years.” – Faris bin Hazim, Al-Hayat, 6/14/2019

  3. ” Despite Rohani’s denials and niceties from Zarif about the tanker attacks in the Gulf of Aden, the naval warfare looms on the horizon. It will not necessarily be like the fierce Tanker War of the 80s, but who knows!” – Mashari al-Thayidi, Al-Sharq al-Awsat, 6/14/2019

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