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The Democratic Party

In a recent discussion about “anti-Americanism” in Saudi media I was gently encouraged to think more about how anti-Americanism manifests as anti-left-wing-Americanism (i.e. antni-Democratic Party, built up as the same kind of socialist bogeyman you see on Fox News) in particular. While this has changed a bit since the 2020 election, it has started to trickle back into media discourse.

Here’s one example (and I am absolutely cherry picking an outrageous example for dramatic effect) from Mohammed Sa’id at Okaz, always a reliable source for hyperbolic commentary where foreign relations are concerned. Note the obsession with Obama as the driver of all dynamics within the Democratic Party.

America .. the big stick in ruling the world!

Are these the American Democrats that the world has known during the past decades? The Democratic Party in America has always presented itself as a supporter of humanitarian issues and the struggle of minorities, and often preferred diplomacy to military actions, even if America itself was affected by acts of war and terrorism. The world’s impression was that they – that is, the Democrats – are less impulsive than their “Republican” partners in governing Washington during international crises, and that they rarely resort to military solutions.

But the real revolution in the values ​​of the Democratic Party took place, and their political priorities changed, with the marriage of the American Democratic Party with the ideas and ideology of former President Barack Obama. He can be described as a “saint” of the Democrats. He is the real founder of the extreme left’s dominance over the party’s traditional ideas – ideas that were formed at the hands of the founding fathers led by all Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Andrew Jackson (in 1828).

It was a violent takeover more than a marriage between decadent leftists and Democrats on the one hand, and Obama’s vengeful, globalist ideology on the other. His ideology wanted to destroy the world and rid it of the consequences of being built on “slavery” since ancient times and for thousands of years since. This slavery affected Obama’s family, and because of that his family is dispersed among three continents: a black father, a white mother, and an Asian mother-in-law of Indonesian descent.

Obama believes that the existing human social system has mostly targeted the African race to which Obama belongs, precisely because of the domination of Western people over Africa. He also believes that humanity in its current form is the reason for dividing societies into severe ethnicities (white, black, male, female), and that this partition is the cause of the world’s misery.

Left-wing Obama-ism focuses on merging the white and black races in particular to create a new human being to rule the world in its next stage. It is a terrorist theory that believes in the superiority of the two races if they merge, not far from the superiority of the Aryan race in which Hitler believed – if the left’s beliefs were just, it would incorporate the yellow race as well. Not to mention the American Indians, most of whom were exterminated at the hands of the whites.

This very extreme theory appears through the promotion of sex, mixed marriage, work, study, and friendship. The arts are what expose people to it the most, as Hollywood and the huge production companies such as Netflix – for example – mandate a schedule of particular scenes, including sex, homosexuality, mixed and “different” relationships. They market the binary of “black” and “white,” as well as relationships between men and women, and insist on the presence of blacks in every scene. The leftists even falsify history and insert blacks into classic dramas that talk about the Middle Ages and show them as part of the aristocracy, while the truth says that Western man enslaved blacks with full prejudice and put them in a lower class.

Obama and his extremist team seek to create a new human being who is a mixture of whites and blacks, transgender people, gays and homosexuals to rule the world and enslave its other components (Arab, yellow, Indian), so that Obama’s people will become the chosen people.

This is accompanied by a political “roughness” now practiced by the American Democrats, who were known in the past for their patience. They now carry a heavy stick in their dealings with everyone, from Moscow to Beijing and even Tel Aviv, in an unusual way, changing their political priorities and strategic alliances, and modifying maps.

We have seen sharp course corrections and unprecedented repositioning, from the Great China Sea in the east to the Dead Sea and the Jordan River in the west. They have extricated ISIS and Al-Qaeda from their years-long slumber, supported the Taliban and summoned them from the burrows of Tora Bora, and handed them over to Afghanistan. They have also abandoned relations with allies and traditional partners, all of which raise doubts and predict a great human being is approaching. There is no dialogue offered by Washington, but rather requests that must be implemented – as with the Turks, for example. This haste is very suspicious, and disrupts the old political form that the world has known since the end of World War II.

The concerned countries in the region must take the American moves in the region and the world with great caution. The American ghoul has become blind and pensive – withdrawing inside itself and strengthening the national spirit is the correct response, and building on the social mechanisms familiar to peoples of the region are accustomed to is the road map. All conspiracies collapse when public opinion is solid and wrapped around his country and his leadership.

Mohammed Sa’id, Okaz, 7.25.2021

On the US failing to take the opportunity to foment revolution inside Iran (again… Obama):

What is clear today is that we face two opposing sides that have decided to remain silent about the facts – Washington and Tehran – and to live in a fantasy instead. Washington ignores the facts before it about Iranian terrorism, while Tehran wants to return to the international community on its own terms as a state sponsor of terrorism. The easiest example of the Iranian mentality is the statements of the Iranian leader regarding the Ahwaz demonstrations. As Ali Khamenei says, “People should also be aware that the enemy wants to benefit from every small thing against the country and the revolution and against the general interests of the people!” The truth is that Washington and Tehran ignore the fact that people are revolting against Iran itself, and for several times. They are revolting against Iran in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, because of Iranian terrorism. These are facts, and no matter how many in Washington deny it, the Iranian model is a model that failed. It is not possible to deal with Iran with an outstretched hand like this, and it has not been ever since Obama extended it with a message to the Iranian leader. Tariq al-Humayd, Aawsat, 7.25.2021
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